Back in 2016, when I was still managing the Hybris brand at SAP, we had a beautiful peak of truly legendary and engaging b2b events. For the Global Hybris Summit 2016, an event with 2.500 customers and partners, I designed an old-school lightshow as the opening surprise for the central party in Munich's Zenith hall.
01: sound-reactive live visuals with my 7ohm crew. I don't get why most VJs don't manage to let the visuals pick up the rhythm. _ 02: various generative artworks for events and exhibitions. Based on hand-coded algorithms, exploring the limits of automated creativity. _ 03: Creating a full-blown theatrical experience including hundreds of performers and contributors. A teaser for the legendary 'the cycle' launch party and ceremony. _ 04: SNK creative – the classic creative design unit of SNK
part of a visual installation in Barcelona's Opium Club
01: a journey into the streetart / streetwear past of our onlineshop, including collaborations with various international design heroes. _ 02: key visual for our indie record label Brave&Dizzy _ 03: Have a closer and more personal look at my design studio and check out what's going on on our instragram account. _ 04: the paper-virtual SNK desk - an interactive installation for our booth in the exhibition space at the TOCA ME design conference.
part of the promotion for Enik's 4th solo album "The Deepest Space of Now" – our first album release on Brave&Dizzy Records
If you brought a brand to really high levels and hundreds of people dedicated a significant time of their life to that brand and circle of friends, then you really need a grande finale. when the brand is finally coming to an end. In this case - after 20 years and literally thousands of employees, we even created a brand for it's after-life.

My key- and co-creatives

André Bachofner, Carsten Thoma, Dominik (Enik) Schäfer, Jürgen (Nemo) Babel, Olga Flaccus, Klaas Hermanns, Johannes Wohlhaupter, Eva Besenreuther, Sebastian (Abi) Kempff, Thorsten Iberl and Andreas Kräftner – I wouldn't do the same things without them.


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