From 8-bit to 8-core.

20 years of working with brands, design, startups, innovation and company culture.

Who do you call a digital native

If you ask me where a real digital native started, chances are high the answer is the Commodore C64. A 320 x 200 pixel screen, 16 colors, 8-bit CPU. One of the so-called DTP programs was Printfox and this is where my digital journey started. It was 1986, I was ten years old and highly addicted to the digital world's blessing of accurate creation and limitless reproduction. The Commodore Amiga followed and I started working on projects like "demos" and games after school.

I am looking back at 20 years of hands-on experience in shaping digital experiences and brands. My munich-based design studio schoene neue kinder (that's german for "brave new kids") is helping brands to translate strategies into living digital experiences, since over a decade. While the world is talking about the Consumerization of B2B, I prefer to talk about the Humanization of B2B Communication and plausible stories. That‘s why I also act as a Brand Advisor for the Hammer Team.

Prior to that – in 1997, a time before Google – I co-founded Hybris, a global leader in E-Commerce and Customer Engagement, and developed and managed the brand and it‘s internationalization and growth until the 2013 acquisiton by SAP for more than 1B Euro. Today – 4 years later – the brand is key for the SAP front-office strategy and has significantly influenced the recent SAP brand evolution. I studied Visual Communications in Krefeld and Munich and spent most of my 90‘s youth on digital projects, pioneering today‘s connected world.

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Looking back at almost 30 years of digital work and 20 years of entrepreneurship and startup culture I am quite thankful for all the things I've learned. You can hire me for design, brand, cultural system projects, for talks and lectures. But I also enjoy a good chat about art, music, movies and cube puzzles.

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